Learn to Practice. Love to Play.

The McCord Golf Academy in Kissimmee, FL is an established golf academy for adults and juniors.

about us

About Us

In our golf academy we teach our students how to make a good golf swing but more importantly we give them a formula on how to repeat it.

junior gol

Junior Golf

We love to teach your little ones proper technique they can bring into their futures, and instill in them the good values we as a company embody.



Services are available year round and include private instruction, group lessons, and clinics.


"My chipping and pitching are getting me closer to the hole resulting in more one-putts. I can't thank you enough! Hope to see you again in January."

"Thank you for your help with my swing and golf playing. Just the little changes you made with my swing helped tremendously. I'm even more excited to go out and play golf now."

"My confidence is back, and my enjoyment of the game has replaced the dread of it. It feels terrific to hit the golf ball squarely and consistently again."